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"A Snowball's Chance," Potato Soup Journal, October 16, 2021

“Declaration,” 50-Word Stories, September 22, 2021

“Still Alive that Summer,” Tiny Molecules, September 22, 2021

“When She Was Seventeen,” The Rye Whiskey Review, September 8, 2021

“At Last”; “Provincetown in the Fall” (two prose poems) Thrush Poetry Journal, September 2021

“Life as Jake, My Wife’s Three-Legged Cat,” Ghost Parachute, June, 2021

“Beneath the Fig Tree,” DIAGRAM 19.4 (2019)

“Being Dorothy in Kuwait,” NELLE  ISSUE ONE (2018)

"The Unspoken," Rkvry Quarterly winter vol. xv. no. (2018)

“Deep Snow,” Hemingway Shorts, Volume 2 (2017): 14. 

“Leili in the Doorway,” Brevity, Issue 55 (2017)

“The Causeway,” Love & Profanity, Switch Press (2015)

“Sweet Life,” Georgetown Review, 12.1 Spring (2011)

“Portrait of a Man in a Fur Hat,” Tampa Review 40 (2010).​

“My Father in Cars,” Gulf Coast Review, Summer/Fall (2010)

“The Last Time,” Alaska Quarterly Review 26. 3 & 4 (Fall & Winter 2009): 34-47.  

“No,” The River Teeth Reader 10.1-2 (2008-2009) 

“Of Hearts, Gettysburg Review 22.3 (2009): 391-395. 

“My Grandmother and Charley Pride,” Calyx, 25.1 (Winter 2009):33-45).

“At the Deli Mart,” DIAGRAM 8.5 (2008)

“Being Margaret,” Colorado Review 35.2 (Summer 2008): 149-154.

“Always Take the Baby,” The Briar Cliff Review 20 (2008): 96-100. 

Interview with Lia Purpura, Pebble Lake Review Winter (2008).

“No,” River Teeth 9.1 (2007): 26-30.

“Kar’oush: What Grows in Hard Places,” Massachusetts Review

XLVIII, 3 (2007): 347-356. 

“Carrier,” Mid-American Review XXVII, 2 (2007): 112-123. 

“Days Before Seatbelts,” an excerpt, in Hacks: 10 Years On Grub Street


“Red,” Gettysburg Review 19.3 (2006): 383-392. 

“A Day in January,” Louisville Review 59 (2006): 165-178.

“What We Bring to the Table,” Alimentum 2 (2006) 96-106.

 “Aosta Revisited,” Literal Latté 9.9 (2005).

“Days before Seatbelts,” Potomac Review 40 (2005-2006)

“Swimming in the Gulf,” Crab Orchard Review 10.2 (2005): 249-258.

“Family Snapshot,” Cream City Review, 32.2 (Fall 2008): 146.

 “It Could Be Me,” All in the Mind, broadcast on ABC Radio National 

 (Australia), September 3, 2005.

 “An Offering” Caketrain 3 (2005): 78.

 “Watching December 2001 Scenes from Afghanistan, 

                     without Sound, on Swiss  TV after Rejecting My Russian 

                      Husband’s Morning Advances” Caketrain 3 (2005): 79-80). 


“It Could Be Me,” Literary Mama October (2004).

“The Causeway,” Brevity 16 (2004).


Finalist, 2017, Arts & Letters Creative Nonfiction Contest, “Being 

Dorothy in Kuwait”

Finalist, 2017, Ernest Hemingway Foundation of Oak Park SHORTS 

Contest, “Deep Snow”

Notable Distinction, Best American Essays 2011, “Portrait of A Man in a 

Fur Hat

Finalist, 2011, Georgetown Review Nonfiction Contest, “Sweet Life

Notable Distinction, Best American Essays 2009, “Always Take the Baby”

Notable Distinction, Best American Non-Required Reading 2009, “Being 


Finalist, 2009 Press 53 Open Awards Writing Contest, “My Father          

in Cars.”

Honorable Mention, Penelope Niven Creative Nonfiction Award

                                                  Winner, 2009, for “My Father in Cars.”

Finalist, Gulf Coast Prize in Nonfiction, 2009, for “My Father in Cars.”

Pushcart Prize nominee, 2008, 2007, 2006. 

Finalist, Creative Nonfiction/ W.W. Norton Program-off 

competition, 2008, for “What’s in a Name?” 

(This essay appears in the Colorado Review as “Being Margaret”).   

Notable Distinction, Best American Essays 2007, “A Day in January”

Finalist, The Briar Cliff Review Creative Nonfiction Contest, 2007, 

            for “Always Take the Baby.”

Finalist, Mid-American Review Creative Nonfiction Contest, 2006, for “Carrier.” 

The Editors’ Choice, Mid-American Review, 2006, Finalist, 


Scholar, Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference, 2007, in Nonfiction.

First Prize, Literal Latté, 2005, for “Aosta Revisited.”

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